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Clinical Sign Index Name Permutations by Letter

A From abdomen, acute to axillary hyperhydrosis, primary focal
B From Babinski platysma sign to butterfly rash
C From cachexia to cyst, epididymal
D From ` to dystrophy, other hereditary corneal
E From early diastolic cardiac murmur to eyes-open coma scale finding
F From facial hyperhydrosis, primary focal to fussy infant
G From gag reflex, abnormal to gynecomastia
H From hair loss, body to hysterical tremor
I From icterus to ischemia, digital
J From jaundice to juvenile corneal dystrophy
K From Kayser-Fleischer ring OD to knowledge acquisition disability
L From laceration to lymphocytosis
M From macular corneal dystrophy to myogenic ptosis
N From nails, clubbed to nystagmus
O From obesity, abdominal to oxygen deprivation
P From pain syndrome, central to pyschomotor deficit
Q From quadrant abdominal rigidity, left lower to quadrant tenderness, right upper
R From radial reflex to rupture, unspecified, Descemet's membrane
S From S1 to systolic murmur, mid
T From tachycardia, atrial to tympany, chest
U From ulcer, aphthous to uvular reflex, abnormal
V From vaginalis inflammation, tunica to vomiting, worm
W From walker, late to writing, difficulty