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Drug and Other Potentially Toxic Substance Index Name Permutations by Letter
    2 From '25s' to '2CI'
    4 From '4 dot' to '45-minute psychosis'
    A From 'abolic' to azuresin
    B From 'B-bombs' to butyvinal
    C From 'C' to cytotoxic drugs
    D From 'dagga' to dysprosium colloid Dy-165
    E From 'E' to ezogabine
    F From 'fake STP' to fytate, sodium
    G From 'G-riffic' to GVG
    H From 'H caps' to hysoscine-N-butyl bromide
    I From 'icing' to ixabepilone
    J From 'J' to josamycin
    K From 'K' to Kupfersulfat
    L From 'L' to lytta
    M From 'ma a' to myristyl-benzalkonium
    N From 'nail' to nystatinum
    O From 'O' to oxytocin
    P From 'pack of rocks' to pyrvinium
    Q From 'qat' to quinupristin
    R From 'R-2' to rye ergot
    S From 'sack' to syrosingopine
    T From 'T-buzz' to tyrothricin topical
    U From 'ultimate Xphoria' to uva ursi
    V From 'venus' to votumumab Tc-99m, technetium
    W From 'wack' to wood, quassia
    X From 'X-ing' to xylometazoline ophthalmic
    Y From 'ya ba' to yttrium silicate Y-90
    Z From 'Zacatecas purple' to zuclopenthixol