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Clinical Symptom Index Name Permutations by Letter

    A From abdominal bloating to axillary swelling, unspecified, right
    B From back fat to buttock rash
    C From cage pain, rib to cycle, irregular menstrual
    D From death ideation to dysuria
    E From ear otalgia, left to eyes, yellow
    F From face edema to furuncle, unspecified, male genital
    G From gait or mobility abnormality, other specific to gynecomastia
    H From habit change, bowel to hypotrichosis
    I From ideation, death to itchy skin
    J From jaundice to joints, red
    K From knee pain, left to kraurosis, penile
    L From lability, emotion to lymphadenopathy
    M From malaise or fatigue, other to myocardial infarction, history of
    N From nails, abnormal to numbness, leg
    O From obesity, localized to ovulation pain
    P From pad, fat to pyrexia, unspecified, puerperal
    Q From quadrant intra-abdominal lump, left lower to quadriplegia, functional
    R From radiculopathy, cervical to runny nose
    S From sacral panniculitis to sytem symptoms or signs, other specified nervous
    T From tachycardia to tympanites, intestinal
    U From ulcer tunica vaginalis ulcer, testicular to urticaria
    V From vagal bradycardia to vulvodynia, other
    W From walking, leg pain when to wrist pain, right
    X xerotica obliterans, balanitis
    Y From yellow eye color to yellow-red urine color