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Disease and Condition Index for Infections and Parasites Name Permutations by Category and Letter

    A From A. felis infection to azul
    B From B. bacilliformis infection to Bwamba virus disease
    C From C burnetii infection to cytomegalovirus retinitis
    D From D infection, acute hepatitis to dysentery, protozoal
    E From E coli enteritis to eyeworm disease, African
    F From 'fifth disease' to fusospirochetosis
    G From G infection, acute hepatitis to Gulu fever
    H From H. influenzae sepsis to Hymenolepsis nana infection
    I From icterohemorrhagiae infection, Leptospira to itch, swimmer's
    J From Jacob-Creutzfeldt disease to juvenilis, dementia paralytica
    K From kala-azar to Kyasanur Forest disease
    L From La Crosse encephalitis to lyssa
    M From MAC infection to myositis, epidemic
    N From 2019-ncov to NTM infection
    O From O'Nyong-Nyong fever to ozzardian filariasis
    P From P. carinii pneumonia to pyogenes infection, Streptococcus
    Q From Q fever to quotidian malaria
    R From R. henselae infection to Russian spring-summer encephalitis
    S From 'second disease' to systemic moniliasis
    T From 'third disease' to typhus, urban
    U From U. urealyticum urethritis to uta
    V From vaccinia to VZV infection
    W From wart, common to wuchereriasis
    Y From Yatobyo to yokogawai infection, Metagonimus
    Z From Zika fever to zygomycosis, rhinocerebral