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Disease and Condition Index for Brain and Nerve Disorders Name Permutations by Category and Letter

    A From AB GM2-gangliosidosis, Type to Azorean neurologic disease
    B From bacillus conjunctivitis, Koch-Weeks to bulbospinal neuronopathy, X-linked recessive
    C From calcific band keratopathy to cytopathy, mitochondrial
    D From dancing eyes-dancing feet syndrome to dystrophy, unspecified, progressive muscular
    E From E. coli meningitis to eyes-dancing feet syndrome, dancing
    F From FA to furuncle, eyelid
    G From galactocerebrosidase deficiency to Guillain-Barre syndrome
    H From Haemophilus aegyptius conjunctivitis to HYPP
    I From idiopathic intracranial hypertension to IV, OPCA
    J From Jansky-Bielschowsky disease to juvenile-onset neuroaxonal dystrophy
    K From KD to KWS
    L From labyrinthitis to lumbrosacral plexus lesion
    M From Machado-Joseph disease to myotubular myopathy, X-linked
    N From narcolepsy to NSRD1
    O From OAK to otomycosis
    P From pachymeningitis, Haemophilus to pyogenic venous thrombosis
    Q From 16q22-linked spinocerebellar ataxia to quadriplegia
    R From radicular neuropathy, autosomal dominant hereditary sensory to RSD
    S From Sandhoff disease to system, spongy degeneration of central nervous
    T From Tay-Sachs disease to typical nemaline myopathy
    U From upper motor neuron syndrome to uveoretinitis, idiopathic
    V From V hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy, Type to Vogt-Spielmeyer disease
    W From Wadia-Swami syndrome to wide-angle glaucoma
    X From X-linked bulbospinal muscular atrophy to XLMTM
    Y Yuge's syndrome