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Laboratory Index for Serum Tests Name Permutations by Source and Letter

A From 5-ALA to autoantibody, islet cell antigen 2
B From 'bad' cholesterol to burnetii antibody, Coxiella
C From 1-25-calcitriol to cytosolic superoxide dismutase
D From 1-25-dihydroxycholecalciferol to dystrophin
E From E apolipoprotein to extractable nuclear antibody
F From F to fucose
G From 'good' cholesterol to guanine deaminase
H From 18-hydroxycortisol to hypoxanthine
I From I to isomerase, phosphohexose
J From Japanese encephalitis virus Ab to jiroveci immunofluorescence, Pneumocystis
K From K to kinase, total creatine
L From L-iditol dehydrogenase to lysyl pyridinoline
M From 3-methoxy-4-hydroxymandelate to myoglobin
N From 5'-NT to nucleolar antinuclear antibody pattern
O From O Ab, antistreptolysin to oxide, ethyl
P From P to pyridoxol
Q Qsp
R From 5'-ribonucleotide phosphorylase to rubeola virus immunofluorescence
S From 2-sulfatase, iduronate to syncytial virus antibody, respiratory
T From T, cardiac troponin to typhi antibody, Rickettsia
U From U1 ribonucleoprotein Ab to urticaria index, chronic
V From vancomycin-resistent enterovirus DNA to voltage-gated calcium channel antibody
W From W. bancroftii Ag to westermani antibody, Paragonimus
X From xanthine to xylulose
Y From Y. enterocolitica Ab to yellow fever virus antibody
Z From zinc to zoster virus immunofluorescence, varicella