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Laboratory Index for Red Blood Cells Tests Name Permutations by Source and Letter

A From A Ag to autocrine motility factor
B From 2-3-bisphosphoglycerate to blood type, Rh
C From C blood group Ag to cytosolic superoxide dismutase
D From 2-3-diphosphoglycerate to disulfide, glutathione
E From E blood group Ag to esterase II, choline
F From factor, autocrine motility to free erythrocyte protoporphyin
G From G, immunoglobulin to guanine phosphoribosyltransferase, hypoxanthine
H From Ham test to hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyltransferase
I From IgG to isomerase, triosephosphate
K From K to kinase, pyruvate
L From L-lactate dehydrogenase to lyase, argininosuccinic acid
M From magnesium to muscle phosphofructokinase
N From N-acetyl-acetylglucosaminidase to neuroleukin
O From 5-oxoproline to oxidized glutathione
P From 6-PGD to pyruvate kinase
R From RBC protoporphyrin, free to riboflavin
S From Se to synthase, uroporphyrinogen III
T From test, acidified serum to type, Rh blood
U From UGPD to uroporphyrins
V From vitamin B1 to vitamin M
W From weak D blood group Ag to weak D blood group antigen
Z From zinc to zinc protoporphyrin