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Laboratory Index for Whole Blood Tests Name Permutations by Source and Letter

A From 5a receptor 1, complement component to atypical lymphocytes
B From 3b/4b receptor, complement component to burr cells
C From c-fms to cytomegalovirus DNA
D From D Punjab, Hb to drumstick, abnormal neutrophil
E From 12E7, Y chromosome cell surface antigen to expression, T-cell activation antigen increased late
F From F, Hb to function-associated antigen 3, lymphocyte
G From G protein-coupled receptor E5, adhesion to growth factor receptor, mast cell
H From 3-hydroxybutyrate-to-acetoacetate ratio to hypogranulation
I From I-131 absorption test, oleic acid to isobutyl ketone, methyl
J From 4J, C-type lectin domain family to jiroveci immunofluorescence, Pneumocystis
K From KB test to kit oncogene
L From L, selectin to lysosome-associated membrane protein 1
M From M. pneumoniae DNA to myelomonocytic blasts
N From N, aminopeptidase to nucleotidase, ecto-5-prime
O From O13, Y chromosome cell surface antigen to oxyhemoglobin
P From P, selectin to pyruvic acid
Q From 1q receptor, complement component to quintana rRNA, Bartonella
R From R. henselae DNA to rouleaux formation
S From S. pneumoniae DNA to surface receptor, FAS cell
T From T cells to tumorgenicity 6, suppressor of
U From UDP-galactose-4-epimerase to urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor
V From V Leiden mutation, factor to volume, platelet mean
W From WBC to width, red cell distribution
X From xylenes to xylols, total
Y From Y chromosome cell surface antigen 12E7 to Y chromosome mutation, sex-determining region